Boeing unveils the 1st Boeing Starliner that will carry Crew to Space

The first Boeing Starliner capsule is on the Launchpad and is likely to be flown any time from now, this is according to  This Starliner capsule will for the first time carry astronauts. 

The Boeing Capsule is currently stored in the parking garage, which was used earlier by the space shuttle, media personnel was are also invited in November to take a look at it. This vehicle will be flown on the first Starliner crewed test mission which will be known as a dubbed Crew Flight test. The astronauts who will be on the vehicle when it flies includes; Chris Ferguson who is Boeing astronauts, Mike Fincke and Aunapu who are NASA astronauts.

The work in the Crew Flight Test Vehicle is still ongoing whereby the engineers have opened the hatch so that they can access the inside part of the rocket.  This work continues as the vehicle stands in the former orbiting process facility with a removed outermost cover. This Crew capsule appears not like a spacecraft then but a maze of wiring and tubing.   Boeing reported that it is concentrating more on the inside development than the outside look. The unscrewed test is likely to occur in the mid-2020 if everything goes as planned.

The Boeing officials said, there was environmental testing that had been done using the crewed flight Test vehicle and then the vehicle was returned to Florida for a few upgrades to be done.  Now engineers are busy fitting the fuel tanks, which is among the final stages of assembling the craft.  After completion of the assembling process, the service module will begin and then the testing process which is final.

Boeing forerunner Starliner is planning for its first flight to the International Space Station, with the gumdrop-like vehicle now arranged to blast off atop an Atlas V rocket at 6:36 a.m. EST (1136 GMT) on 20th, December 2019. Once the Atlas V rocket arrives, it will connect to the space station and stay in the orbit for seven days, then will be undocked and return to the earth. The rocket is scheduled to land at 5:28 a.m. EST on 28Th of December 2019 in White sands, New Mexico.

This uncrewed voyage of Starliner flight provides room for more flights that will carry astronauts to the space station.  This test will also prove that the flight can be a dock, be undock from the space station, and pass through various testing objects of a different type.  the flight will raise the vehicle system ensuring everything is set as planned.

Ryszard Stopczyk