Facebook’s iOS app might be opening the camera in the background without your knowledge

Facebook’s iOS application is under fire again. This time their fault is that the camera activates in the background of the application without informing the user. However, Facebook says that this is just a bug and will be fixed in no time.

A few instances of the application opening the camera have taken place. One user claims that the camera UI for Facebook stories appeared behind a video when they changed the orientation from portrait to landscape. When the phone orientation was flipped back, the Stories camera opened up.

It has also been reported that when a photograph is being viewed on the app, dragging it down will reveal an active camera on the left of the screen. Web designer Joshua Maddux saif that he saw this occurrence over five different iPhones which ran on the iOS 13.2.2 but it was not available on the iOS 12.

Facebook said that the bug was introduced on the app when an update was released on the 8th of November and the fix is being sent to Apple as soon as possible. They have also said that photos from this bug are not being uploaded onto any server yet.

Regardless of the issues and their fixes, an unexpected camera app viewfinder is not the best thing for people. The myth that Facebook is listening to our conversations is already so prevalent that these issues are coming to the forefront. A hidden camera viewfinder accidentally being released into an app does seem to corroborate the fact that Facebook may be spying on its users and all their activities. For all our readers who are worried about their privacy, you can simply revoke the camera access to Facebook through your application settings option and disallow Facebook from using the camera at all.


Susan Hairston

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