Four year-old girl ‘killed brutally’ by caretaker in Philadelphia, DA says

Four year-old girl 'killed brutally' by caretaker in Philadelphia, DA says

A four year-old girl was physically abused and eventually murdered in Philadelphia. A caretaker her mother trusted is behind the crime, according to the Philadelphia District Attorney’s office.

Police responded to a call on Oct. 30, where Samilya Brown said Zya Singleton had injured herself by falling out of a second-floor window while playing with a cat, the DA’s office said. However, doctors found inconsistencies in Brown’s story. The 4-year-old later died on Nov. 3.

The medical examiner found what the DA described as “horrific” signs of abuse: malnourishment, cigarette burns, bite marks, and wounds which were apparently treated with homemade stitches that had become infected.

Investigators believe that the story of Zya falling from the window was invented, and the cause of death was abuse and neglect inflicted by Brown.

38 year old Brown was charged Tuesday with murder and endangering the welfare of a child.

The District Attorney’s office says Zya’s biological mother had given custody of the child to Brown for keeping the girl out of foster care. The two women had known each other for many years, but the mother apparently had no idea of the abuse. The mother was able to see Zya before she died on Nov. 3.

“This child was killed, and was killed brutally, and was abused for an extensive period of time,” Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner said. “This is a horrific, heartbreaking case of abuse, neglect and murder of an innocent, defenseless child.”

Instanews 247 condemns such heinous crimes and stands with the family of the innocent four year old girl.


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