How to observe the Test Flight of Boeing 1st Starliner to the space station online

Boeing will record a history this week when it sends its CST-100 Starliner space ship to International Space Station (ISS) for the first time. However, one can watch the mission done live from NASA television. 

On Friday 20 December, the Starliner with no crews will send off on a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket and start traveling towards the International Space Station. It is here where it will spend a week before coming back to Earth with a simple arrival at White Sands Missile Range located in New Mexico. 

One can watch the whole Orbital Flight Test (OFT) – which includes the liftoff, docking, and its arrival life from, on the cordiality of NASA Television. Underneath is a plan of all the occasions, which air live. In case one misses the live occasions, the NASA coordinators will post the replays on thereafter. 

Tuesday, December.17

Boeing will organize a pre-liftoff information convention at Kennedy Space Center at NASA in Florida at 2 p.m. EST (71700 GMT), together with staff members from NASA, ULA, and the 45th Weather battalion. Here is the list containing the names of those who will be present during that event;

  1. Kathy Lueders, the director of Commercial Crew Schedule of NASA
  2. Joel Montalbano, deputy director of the International Space Station Schedule. 
  3. John Mulholland, Vice president, and protocol director of Commercial Crew Program of NASA. 
  4. JOHN Elbon, head operating officer of ULA
  5. Pat Forrester, astronaut office supervisor at Johnson Space Center of NASA
  6. WILL Ulrich, liftoff weather officer with the 45th weather Squad.

Thursday, December. 19

NASA supervisor, Jim Bridenstine will take part in the coming interview of Boeing Astronauts, Josh Cassada and Suni Williams, which will air live on NASA’s television channel. The interview will take place from 6.a.m. to 8.a.m.EST (1100-1300GMT). Among the planned astronauts to fly on the Starliner’s first planned trip to International Space Station is Williams and Cassada. The flight plans to take place in 2021. 

Friday, December.20

The Atlas V rocket, which carries the Starliner with no crew is planned to launch from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center located in Florida at 6:36 a.m. EST (1136 GMT). NASA will air the coverage of the lift-off at 5 a.m EST (1000 GMT). Those to take part during the meeting are as follows;


  1. Jim Bridenstine, NASA supervisor
  2. Jim Chilton, senior vice president, Boeing Space, and Liftoff
  3. Mike Fincke, a NASA Astronaut
  4. Nicole Mann, a NASA Astronaut
  5. Chris Ferguson, a Boeing Astronaut

Ryszard Stopczyk