Monmouth poll shows tight race for Democratic nomination

Joe Biden, former Vice President, along with Senator Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts, and Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont have finally taken the lead for the Democratic primary elections according to a poll conducted by Monmouth University.

Both Warren and Sanders took up a 23% share of votes while Pete Buttigieg only garnered 9%, followed by Kamala Harris who garnered a mere 5%, and Cory Booker and Andrew Yang who both scored 3%. The Monmouth University poll is the sixth such poll conducted by live interviewers this year with regards to the Democratic primary elections.

Another poll saw Joe Biden leading the poll with 27% votes, and Warren coming a close second with 23% and Sanders with 18%. The rest of the candidates all scored less than 10% of the total voting capacity, showing the tide turning towards the top three candidates fast. This poll is an average of non-partisan polling among registered Democrats and leaning independents, and voters who may participate in their state caucus.

Biden has taken the lead to hopefully beat Donald Trump in the upcoming 202 elections according to Monmouth polls, with 25% of those asked saying that he will be the definite winner of the twp. Warren and Sanders, again, have fallen just a little short, but are still in the race. 42% of the registered voters reported that Trump should be given a second term, while a contrasting 55% say someone else deserves to lead the country.

Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden were main competitors in their favorability ratings among the Democrats while Sanders, Harris, and Buttigieg all were distanced from the possibility of a favorable outcome.

The Monmouth University telephonic call survey was conducted from October 30th to November 3rd and 908 adults participated in it. The results were shown based on 835 registered voters with a minimal chance of error. The release also showed the leaning of those voters who were borderline Democrats in 2019.

With the numbers in, it seems like fate that Biden and Warren will handle the Democratic primaries with ease. Either we will see Obama’s close friend and aide take over the Oval Office, or America will get its first female President. Either way, the future is close at hand. We can all but wait with bated breaths as the election of the decade unfolds.


Willie Bisson

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