Pixel 4’s astrophotography mode can also capture stunning light trails

One of the most impressive features of the Google Pixel 4, among the many outstanding ones, is the ability to take photographs of the stars via the astrophotography mode. Some users have already begun to explore the feature by capturing light trails that are worth a million bucks.

Our tech team that was reviewing the feature noticed a lot of intricately woven Google easter eggs which got us going! Moreover, Reddit, Twitter, YouTube, and tech channels have been buzzing with the amazing results you can get through this mode.

Besides Astro shots of the sky, pictures of fantastic landscapes in deserts and forests have taken over the media and is a clear representation of how Google has hit the right note among its followers. One of the photos taken on a Pixel 2 and modified on the Google Camera shows light trails from passing vehicles on a highway, enabling the user to take full advantage of the camera’s extensive abilities. Besides these, aircraft trails are the new favorite capture for Pixel users as well. So much so, that Google featured the images at their launch event.

This brings us to our next question – if Google has the ability to make their cameras capture the beauty and scenic melancholy of nature and man, why didn’t they just include a feature that allows manual exposure? But the astrophotography mode trick is a lot easier to pursue with respect to trail photography. With Google’s computational photography, the results are stunning as is.

For one, our team is hooked to the Pixel 4 for all its capabilities and photography options!


Susan Hairston

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