State Of Health Report shows growing despair among American men

Growing Despair

Males had twice the female drug overdose death rate in 2017 and rates for men have virtually doubled since 2007. The recent increases were especially pronounced among men aged 25–34 and 35–44, the report shows.

While drug overdose rates per 100,000 are relatively lower for females, in recent years younger age groups have seen a noticeable increase. The drug overdose death rate increased around 17% per year among females aged 15–34 years.

Suicides among Americans have also increased sharply — from 26,869 in 1980 to 47,173 in 2017. In 2017, it was the second leading cause of death, behind accidents, for young age groups — 10–14, 15–19, and 20–24 — and it reached a record high, with younger males in particular strongly impacted.


Jeffrey Collins

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