Technique for pumping muscle for girls

Options for exercises on the upper, lower and lateral parts of the press, their implementation technique. Useful tips and tricks.

For the sake of a beautiful belly without excess fat and eye-catching “cubes”, the girls are ready for many accomplishments. But the problem is not even desire, but ignorance of the basics of how to properly pump up the press, and what exercises are needed for this. In practice, not everything is as complicated as it might seem at first glance – to work out the press, to make it beautiful and pumped up really.


Main rules

Before you start training, consider a few useful tips:

  • Decide on the best training time. Many girls are too purposeful and pump up every day. This approach is erroneous. For quality development and growth, the muscles must rest. Therefore, training should be done every other day;
  • try not to overload your muscles at first. To pump up the press, start with an average load, and then proceed to its gradual increase. A good option is when you use a scheme with 3-4 sets of 10-13 reps;
  • if you practice at home, it is better to load the press in the morning;
  • In no case do not exercise with a full belly. The press must be pumped before eating, otherwise nausea and other unpleasant sensations are provided. Ideally, at least two hours should pass after a meal;
  • the place for classes should have a rigid foundation. Otherwise, there is a high risk of damage to the spine;
  • always warm up before starting classes. Many girls immediately get down to business, forgetting the importance of warming up the muscles. The result is sprains or tears of the ligaments. To avoid this, before classes it is worth making inclines, performing basic aerobic movements, jumping in place, and so on;
  • take care of the kidneys. Do not practice on a cold floor. Inflated press is not worth your health. Place a non-slip rug under your back that will protect you from hypothermia;
  • Do not stretch your workout for several hours. To achieve relief, it is enough to set aside the press for at least half an hour. In this case, do not count on too fast results. It’s unrealistic to pump a press for a week to a girl, not a man. Sometimes it takes months or even years;
  • in the presence of fat in the abdomen, it becomes very difficult to allocate cubes of the press. So, exercise alone will not be enough – pay more attention to aerobic exercise (for example, running, walking). As soon as the excess fat layer is gone, the press will immediately appear.


Exercises and features of their implementation

Now we proceed directly to how to pump up the press. So, this muscle group consists of three parts – the upper, lateral and lower. Therefore, when developing a training program, attention should be paid to each of them. Consider the following recommendations here:

  1. The following exercises are suitable for the girl to work out the upper press: 
    • classic twisting. Take a classic position (lie on your back) and bend your legs at the knee joint. In this case, put your hands on the back of the head. Begin the exercise by lifting your head off the floor by about 25-30 centimeters. Many rise completely, but this is wrong. In extreme position, you need to freeze for a couple of seconds to feel the maximum voltage. The optimal execution scheme is 4 * 15. To complicate your task, you can use a special ball;
    • deflections. Here, take a position on your stomach and stretch your legs. Next, raise your head from the floor to the highest point possible. In the place of maximum lift, fix the body, take 5-7 exhalations and take the starting position. Perform a couple of sets of 8-10 reps;
    • leg raises from a prone position. This type of exercise allows you to perfectly pump the upper part of the press. The starting position is standard – you lie on your back, legs are slightly bent at the knee joints. Now raise the lower limbs until the calf is perpendicular to the floor. The number of approaches is 1-2, the number of repetitions is 10-12.
  1. The following exercises are suitable for working out the lower press: 
    • harmonic. Here, take a sitting position, and straighten your legs in front of you. Now lift them from the cover by 25-30 centimeters and pull them towards you. Make an “accordion” according to the 2 * 15 repetition pattern;
    • steps on weight – the ability to pump up the bottom of the press well. Take a position on your back, lift your feet slightly off the floor (somewhere between 50-60 centimeters) and begin to imitate walking in the air. The number of approaches is 1-2, the number of steps is 25-30;
    • rises from a position with raised buttocks. First, take a horizontal position on your back, put one foot on the floor. Then, with effort, lift the pelvic part and straighten your legs above the level of the head. The optimal scheme is 1-2 approaches of 20-25 movements.



  1. When working out the press, one should not forget about its lateral part. The following exercises are worth noting here: 
    • straightening the legs. Take a position on your back (you can perform the exercise half-sitting). Bend the legs slightly in the knee joints until the calves are parallel to the floor covering. Now, in turn, stretch one leg and the other forward, while simultaneously turning the torso in the opposite direction. At the moment when the leg is fully straightened, pause for 2-3 seconds. Here the optimal number of approaches is no more than two, the number of movements in each set is 12-15;
    • slopes. Become level and begin to tilt one way and the other. If the exercise seems too easy, then you can take a weighting agent, for example, a dumbbell. The scheme of the exercise – 3 * 30;
    • lateral twisting – it is also an effective exercise for working out the oblique muscles. Here, take a position on your back, bend your knees and pull it to your chest. When performing the exercise, leave the upper body stationary. Further, by the power of the press, begin to throw legs from one side to the other. Do so three sets of 25-30 exercises;
    • scissors. Lie down on your side, stretch your legs forward, lift them 25-30 centimeters and begin to make cross movements, imitating the work of scissors.



By working out all the muscle groups of the press, you can achieve a beautiful relief in just a few months. The main condition is the absence of excess fat on the stomach.

Ryszard Stopczyk