Westworld Awakening

HBO has partnered with VR developer Survios on a new Westworld VR video game called Westworld Awakening. And it’s available right now on Oculus, Vive, and over 400 VR Arcades.

In Westworld Awakening players will take on the role of Kate, a host who wakes up with a newfound self-awareness. Using a QA tablet, players must search Delos labs during the events of Westworld season 2, solving puzzles and interacting with other hosts using the tablet.

HBO says Westworld Awakening is a story-driven, single-player stealth game. That’s because players will wake up next to Hank, a serial killer host who will follow Kate throughout the Delos labs.

Westworld Season 2 ended last year with Dolores seemingly running into the real world, and the fate of several key hosts ending on a cliffhanger. HBO says Westworld Awakening is set during the events of this season, so it’s very possible Kate can interact with some of the events that occurred in the past season.

In IGN’s review of the Westworld 2 season finale, we noted that while the season was uneven, there was enough of a mystery to keep us interested in the show. Westworld season 3 will be premiering sometime in 2020 with Dolores meeting up with a new character named Caleb, who is played by Aaron Paul.

Anybody can read IGN’s Westworld season 3 prediction and can purchase Westworld Awakening on Steam, Oculus, and VIVEPORT right now for $29.99.


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