Xi Jinping demands end to violent protests in surprise meeting with Hong Kong leader

The leader of China, President XI Jinping, has been all praise for Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam. He has been in support of her hard work and leadership as he visited the city in a surprise move despite the violent protests which have plagued the city for months now.

Both Xi and Lam were in Shanghai for the China International Import Expo 2019 where the President made a speech on Tuesday. Xi was visiting the city to demand unswerving efforts from the government to quash the protests and end the violence in order to protect the people of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is now entering the fifth month of demonstrations against a controversial extradition bill introduced by China. The unrest has now claimed recession in the economic markets and is seriously harming the tourism industry. 325 people have been arrested on charges ranging from inciting the protest to violence against the state over the weekend. Major roads and public transported are facing major disruption as protesters of all ages are storming the city. With some protestors firebombing Xinhua’s Hong Kong headquarters, tensions that were simmering are now fully flaming. This act is being termed as a barbaric show of disdain by the protestors.

The Chinese government so far is denying reports of Lam’s removal in 2020 because of dissatisfaction over her ability to handle such widespread protests. News conferences have revealed that senior Chinese administration official, Shen Chunyo has said that Beijing is working to improve the appointment and removal of the leader of the financial hub of China. However, Lam’s removal is being thwarted by Lam’s handling of the violence.

Xinhua said that during the meeting with Lam, Xi said that Lam was discharging her duties towards the duties of the state, and is stabilizing the situation to improve the social conditions with her hard work and diligence.

Xi has said that the central government has faith in Lam still and is acknowledging the good work she has undertaken with her governance team. Along with the crackdown on the continuing violence by the people, Xi has called for efforts to be made to hold dialogue with all sectors of society so that the livelihood and lifestyle of the people can be improved.


Judy Salley

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